Advantages Of Different Types Of Window Shades

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When it comes time to choose window shades for your home, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the large variety of available choices. There are shades of many different styles and features. They are also available in a wide range of prices. The best way to choose is to compare the unique benefits of each of the different types, which include roller, solar, pleated, cellular or honeycomb, Roman, and woven wood.

The roller shade is probably the most basic of all options, but these can include some interesting features. They consist of a flat piece of fabric or vinyl that is simply rolled up to expose the window. Some styles have a very elegant look, and some come with a valance to hide the hardware at the top. They range from blackout to sheer.

Solar shades are actually a type of roller shade. They are like a screen that you pull down over the window to reduce glare and solar heat gain. These are nice because you can still see out the window, sort of like looking through sunglasses. They are energy efficient and stylish, available in a variety of fabrics, colors, and even patterns.

The pleated variety is another basic, cost-effective option. These are usually made of polyester, and come in many attractive styles. Some include an extra layer that effectively blocks out sunlight and increases the insulating properties of these blinds. One of the best things about a pleated shade is that it helps to keep cold out and heat in during winter, and the other way around in the summer.

The cellular shade, also known as the honeycomb shade, is the most energy efficient option available. It consists of two or three layers of fabric, sewn into cells which resemble honeycombs. Air is trapped in these cells, creating a layer which blocks cold or heat from escaping in or out. It is an even better insulator than its pleated counterpart, but it does tend to cost a bit more.

The Roman shade is popular because of its attractiveness. These are made in both flat and relaxed styles, and they come in many different colors and fabrics. There is a Roman style shade out there to match any decor. They are also available in a wide range of prices, because they can be constructed of so many different fabrics, from polyester blends to fine silk.

Another popular and attractive option is the woven wood variety. As the name suggests, these are generally made of wood, though bamboo varieties are also considered a part of this category. These can really complement the decor of a home. They are available in tighter weaves for more privacy and added light blocking, as well as more open weaves to let the light filter through.

Obviously, if you are in the market for window shades, then you have some options open to you. All you need to do is consider what benefits you are looking for, as well as your budget. With this many options, anyone is sure to be able to find the perfect shade.
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Advantages Of Different Types Of Window Shades

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This article was published on 2011/01/17